International Economics - ECON5335



As noted in class, you are encouraged to  let us know of additional websites that you have tracked

Internet Sources

The internet hosts a mixture of both reputable and unreputable sources of information.  Below are listed some media sources for information for the course that are reputable, plus other useful official web sites.

General info media web pages
           The Dismal Scientist    
           Financial Times of London
           The Economist            
           Wall Street Journal      
           New York Times        
           Christian Science Monitor   
           Business Week            
           The Globalist               

US web pages
           Bureau of Economic Analysis
           Economic Report of the President
           Federal Reserve Board
           Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
International organizations
           World Bank                  
           CIA World fact book

Selected central banks
           Bernkopf’s central bank page
           Bank of England          
           Bank of Canada           
           Bank of Japan              
           Banque de France        
           Banco do Mexico