International Economic Issues - ECON3315 




International Economic Issues

Catalog description

This course evaluates and analyzes various contemporary issues in international economics, using elementary economic theory and recent economic and financial data. The course includes issues such as economic integration, regionalization and globalization, international trade issues, the structure and role of international economic organizations, the foreign exchange market, and economic issues in developing countries.

Course objective

The objective of the course is to introduce students to a series of contemporary international economic issues that affect the world economy and the wellbeing of its citizens.  The course incorporates political economy, ethical and business themes and perspectives, but the list of topics to be chosen emphasizes those problems which are of most interest for economic development and the understanding of the evolution of the global economy.  The course will include issues that concern both developed and developing countries, Western and post-Communist countries and small and large countries.  In all cases economics will be used to analyze these issues and draw implications from the questions that these issues raise.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, the students will able to:

  • To deal in detail with a selection of international topics of the day, so that students have some knowledge about current international economic issues
  • To have a basic knowledge of the theoretical underpinnings of international economics
  • To understand the international nature of many economic issues (policies, environment, political stability)
  • To communicate that many international issues have an economic dimension which is rarely mentioned in the media
  • To present material organized by students in groups in a topical manner to an audience.

Throughout the semester, feel free to contact  me at the coordinates listed on the 'professor' page.  Good luck in this course.

Professor Patrick Crowley