Principles of Macroeconomics - ECON2301 




Two types of assignments will be used in this class - internet courseware assignments using Aplia and written media article assignments. An Aplia assignment will be due most weeks, and a written assignment will also be completed towards the end of the semester.

Information about these assignments can be found on this page, under the two headings below.

MindTap assignments

All MindTap assignments are to completed and submitted through the MindTap online software accessed through BB9.  For each chapter, there is an End of Chapter assignment, and an “Aplia” assignment.  The Aplia assignments are longer “worked” problems.

To link through to MindTap with BB9 and register on CengageBrain, please watch this video:

Here is a handout relating to MindTap, with a step-by-step approach (repeating some of what is in the video) to getting set up to use MindTap in this course.  There are also links in the document to useful videos you can watch “showing you around” and demonstrating its features.

Getting started with MindTap

Written assignments

Media article assignment handout (posted 7/11, due 7/16)